English Phonetics

Communicative English

About The Course

We all want to speak like a native speaker, be it British or American. This course is perfect for improving your English accent. As it is proven in research that we, Bangladeshi can adopt the accurate accent of the English language faster than anyone. This course helps you identify IPA symbols and learn the transcript of any word so that you can pronounce every word accurately.

Course Module

Listening practice
Identifying IPA Symbols
Place of articulation of every sound


Total Class - 12

(2 hours a Day, 2 Days in a Week)

Learning Outcomes

Techniques to speak like a native American/British
Better comprehension for the speaker and the listener
Build confidence to speak English
Describe the basic words/ Phrases to describe “Myself”
Socialize and get introduced in the Business Context
Describe previous experience or moment sharing activities
Improve vocabulary skills
Correct English Pronunciation

Career Counselling