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Professional English Writing

Communicative English

About The Course

To differentiate the formal and informal use of the English language, we arrange this course to make up your academic writing. In this course, we provide help to construct well-decorated sentences in English. This is basically a beginner level of writing course. Students will be able to know how to write short articles, how to create a professional CV, E-mail writing, report writing, cover letter/proposal writing, and academic writing.

Course Module

Writing short articles on everyday topics
Creating a professional CV
Composing E-mail for business and official purpose.
cover letter writing
report writing
proposal letter writing
academic writing


Total Class - 15

(2 hours a Day, 2 Days in a Week)

Learning Outcomes

Learn to write fluently
Writing in creative style
Creative Aspect of Writing
Creative Thinking
Open handwriting
Critical thinking
Freehand Writing

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