Creative IT is an institution where empowering the community for an excellent standard of learning is what we desire. We endeavor for the continuous improvement of our leaders who will work for constructing a better future. The institute is dedicated to serving the quality training programs under ISO 9001: 2015 certification which remarks us in the IT world. We will continue to share our knowledge for contributing to the success of individuals and to serve society with the best interest.

We are committed to providing our students with a platform where superiority is the mantra. We nurture the young talent by sharing knowledge, providing supports in learning techniques, co-operating them for international standard projects, making successful freelancers and driving our youth towards a world of entrepreneurship and thus reducing inequalities. Our culture is important to us and our team of experts drives our culture. The skilled human resource make our deliverables valuable that really helps us to set our standard internationally.

In this fast-paced digital world, achieving in career and reaching in targeted goal is depending on the proper execution of planning, implementing and sustaining changes. So getting there with an institution like us will be your wise choice. Your great experience of learning influences our way of training and thus we serve our students and engage with our commitments. Here we invite you to come and join us to have a change in the result of your life and thus we would be grateful to know you and to strengthen a long-lasting relationship.


● To empower the community by ensuring state of the art method which strengthens the belief in quality learning.
● To raise opportunities and growth by broadening the areas and possibilities for our future leaders.
● To connect best selected human resource for delivering standard values that supports leaders to flourish.
● To utilize the power of youth by serving and meeting the emerging needs both in local and global network.
● To reduce inequalities for the best interest of the society by creating international array of excellence.


To become a premier institute recognized for its diversity, and known for its excellence in knowledge sharing.



Creative IT Institute is started its journey since 2008 and it’s providing training facilities for IT skill enhancement. The institution is founded by Mr. Monir Hosen, who as a young talent wanted to make the language of IT world easier by creating leaders and by contributing in the success of individuals. So to bring it into reality it has started the journey with a motto of growing, meeting emerging needs and now it becomes one of the successful IT institute in Bangladesh. We are involved with Government entities like Election Commission, BEZA, BEPZA, Prison, NFE, LGED, BCC and ICT Ministry. We have been working with outsourcing market for graduating under Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority. We are always sticking to the newest trends in providing IT training professionals. This wind of developing careers of individuals and making it successful in the international arena is still going on. Till now we have achieved remarkable success and expecting to go a long run in this beautiful journey.


Our Values

Quality - We are always striving for continuous upgrading of our quality and standard. The quality that we follow is to ensure our focus on delivering with perfection and maintaining time efficiently.
Growth - We are expanding and changing to meet emerging needs of the society for the best interest of individuals. The team is dedicated for working and having opportunities in the long run making a way for our leaders ahead in the future.
Leadership - We are getting in touch with our individuals in creative, supportive and shared leadership way. By ensuring lifetime support, we are helping individuals with the best output of becoming successful.
Balance - We are maintaining a balance between challenging needs and thus we want to explore the creativity in the certainty of expertise. The main target is to make sure that both students and faculty get a balance result


Our Culture

We have developed our brilliant team of designers, developers, and marketers to flourish in making the future leaders. We encourage personal projects for getting trendy arts and to continuously progress with the innovative world. We value the innovative ideas and work in a dynamic lifestyle. Thus we are passionate towards uplifting new opportunities for the country. And we always prioritize to work in a friendly environment where time off and interaction with our team helps us to be together and to learn new stuffs.


Capacity & Training Scenario

Total number of Trained participants till date : 30000+

Number of equipped computer Lab : 7

Number of theory classroom : 5

Number of Trainer : 100 (In house)

Office & Training Space

12,500 Sft with 200 students capacity per shift (Air Conditioned)

Total number of employees (350) including Trainers (100), Counselors (7), Customer Relationship Management (10), Web Developers (18), Graphic Designers (35), Apps Developers (7), Network Engineers (6), Hardware Engineers (5), Business Developers (5), HR & Admins (5), Finance & Accounts (7), Support Staffs for Security and Cleanliness (13)

* On Job training facilities for eligible participants.

IT Training for Development

Basic Computer Training has been provided to 130 underprivileged youths from low income area Dhaka Uddyan, Mohammadpur partnership with an NGO named Prativa Shamaj Kallyan Samity.

Full free scholarship of amount Tk. 20 Lacs has been provided to 100 Women for training them as freelancers from the own fund of Creative IT Ltd.

Freelancing Training has been provided to 100 differently abled people with own fund.

IT skill development Training has been provided to 30 Media Journalist to enhance their professional skill.

Annual Evolution

After training Skill Development ration 90%

Successful placement ration 70%

Average self-employment record 45%

Entrepreneurship Development 20%

Able to arrange 120 awareness workshop per year with 6000 participants