Android App Development

Android App Development

About The Course

With the world going mobile, the importance of apps is increasing day by day. App development hence refers to the creation of applications to be used on mobile devices. Today when we buy a smartphone or a tablet, we can see that it comes with some pre-installed apps for social media or searching or such other purposes. And if we can’t find what we are looking for, we just log on to the app store and download the things we need. The more people buying smartphones, the more the necessity of workable apps. It proves that learning app development is a pretty good career choice today. Start learning from the best in the industry and be your own boss.

Course Module

Introduction To Java Programming
Language Fundamentals
Core Collection Classes
Exception Handling
Android Components
Content Providers & Location Services
Multimedia & Deployment

Software Taught

Android Studio


Duration: 5 Months

(2 hours a Day, 2 Days in a Week)


Basic Knowledge on Using Computer

Career Opportunity

Here is a list of possible job opportunities for the software developers, designers who will complete the course. Completing the course and handling all project works, it is possible for students to build one strong portfolio and can apply for jobs that are open for recruitment. It is possible both in local and international marketplaces. And our job placement cell will be there with all the supports, guidelines and grooming sessions for students. Thus it will help them to get confidence and flourish in the digital arena. The opportunities are as follows-

Android Application Developer
Java Application Developer
Framework Designer
Soft. Arch. Dev