Professional Graphic Design

Professional Graphic Design

About The Course

The main purpose here is to make you able to use the graphic design tools and techniques in a professional way. Graphic Design helps to build the brand identity of a company. Thus it needs to be conceptual and unique to represent a company, brand or any kind of products or services. The module is designed to cover all aspects of Graphic Design and it is mostly helpful for a fresher who can start afresh. To know more about the module, take a look in the highlights of the module and get insights of how we are conducting the course.

Course Comparison

Feature 6 Months Course 4 Months Course
Classes 48 Classes(2 hours a Day, 2 Days in a Week) 32 Classes (2 hours a Day, 2 Days in a Week)
Microsoft PowerPoint 03 Classes X
Adobe Illustrator 22 Classes 18 Classes
Adobe Photoshop 12 Classes 22 Classes
Adobe InDesign 04 X
Projects 30+ 22+
Video Lessons Yes Yes
Market Places Shutterstock Adobe Stock GraphicRiver Upwork Shutterstock Adobe Stock
Prerequisites Basic Computing Software Knowledge about Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

Course Module

Social Media Banner Design
Raster to Vector
Business Card
Invoice Template Design
Letterhead Design
Envelope Design
ID Card Design
Flyer Design
Brochure Layout
Logo Design
Desk & Wall Calendar Design
Product Packaging
Product Label Design
T-Shirt Design
Mug Design
Pillow Cover Design
Facebook CoverPhoto Resize
Landscape Design
Image Retouch
Image clipping
Web Banner Design
Web UI Design


Adobe Stock

Software Taught

Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe Illustrator


Duration: 4 Months

Total Class - 32

(2 hours a Day, 2 Days in a Week)


Software Knowledge about Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator

Career Opportunity

The career opportunity in graphic design is demanding all over the world. Two great opportunities in graphic design are freelancing and outsourcing. With the passing time, foreign countries are in need of more and more freelancers and outsourcers. They are looking for designers in the third world countries and according to the statistics, Bangladesh is in the third position. Graphic designers can explore their career in the different areas representing different titles. Such as-

Graphics Designer
Creative Director
Creative Executive
Brand Promoter
PhotoShop Artist
Logo Designer
PhotoShop Artist
UI Designer
Logo Designer

Broadcast design, corporate communications, information design, editorial design, education, environmental and exhibit design, signage, and related occupations. A perfect blend of varieties of skills will definitely lead your path towards success. For starting your own outsourcing business, to freelance jobs or to work in local marketplaces, all the opportunities are there for you. The best the design the better your career path will be. Graphic design is leaving its remarks all over country.

Online Marketplace

Some famous marketplaces for Graphic design are freelancer, 99 design, Graphicriver, up work, Fiverr and Code grape. These marketplaces are divided into 4 categories. Firstly, Contest based marketplace where you can participate in a contest and by winning the contest you will be able to earn and improve your impression. Secondly, Bidding based marketplace where you need to bid in the marketplace with pricing and thus can get the order. Thirdly, Service based marketplace where you will display those works which you can provide as a service and if it matches with buyers’ requirement the service will be purchased by them. Finally is resalable marketplace where you need to display your work and client will come and buy your products. The main benefit of resalable marketplace is that the same product can be sold for many time and with the same one product it is possible to earn multiple times. Such categories are giving numerous opportunities in the field of graphic designing. Even if you little of designing, it is possible to earn money online and get the desired position.